About Primo's Imperium kennel

I am Aleš Lahajnar I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

I spent my childhood in the countryside, surrounded by domestic animals. My family had one or more dogs always at home. Most of my young age I spent worldwide like a motorcyclist and travelled the whole Europe, so there was no time for the animals. But the wish for my own dog was present all the time, so I contacted Rottweiler breeder fort he first time in 2001. Long time passed by until  2007, when my dreams came true and I bougt my first Rottweiler Primo vom Hause Edelstein. Primo turned my life upside down. I sold my motorbike and dedicated to Primo completely.

Primo has been one of the most successful RW in the world and first from abroad in the history of Rottweiler, which got a license for mating under ADRK rules in Germany. The first Slovenian RW, which passed ADRK ZTP and all the other exams (BH, IPO1) and  was a successful in dog shows all over the Europe. He has proved like a very good stud with descendants all over the world. All his descendants are successful in all areas, like show and working dogs (IPO – IGP), mondioring, police dogs, therapeutic dogs…). More about Primo you can read on my website (www.primos-imperium.com).

I bought two females in 2010, because I wanted to have my own breeding line. They were INA von Hause Maxi Rott and AXA Majestic Rott, both successful beauties at dog shows. Ina made good results in the shows, she was an ADRK Vice world champion and the IFR Vice world champion. She was not only the beauty, but also a very good working dog. Ina was the first Slovenian female (dog) who passed ADRK ZTP, BH and IPO 1 exam.

I founded my kennel » from PRIMO’S IMPERIUM « in 2011. I named it by my first RW Primo and after a very short time it was one of the most world’s recognizable kennels. I had the first litter in January 2013 and the dogs from my kennel from PRIMO’S IMPERIUM have been one of the most recognizable throughout the world since then. They are very  successesful at klub shows, special and international dog shows, as youth and adult winners. They also achieve excellent results in work (IGP-IPO, mondiroing….)

I always follow my guide “a good dog is not only handsome, but also working dog.” Healthy, emotionally stable, passionate, strong, obedients and of course also beautiful RW are goal of my breeding. The extra goal to me is that the dog from my kennel passes ADRK ZTP and KERUNG. 

Many of my time I devote to different trainings and the diet, because it is so essential for dog’s physical and mental condition. I participate in the TBF dog food team, with which my dogs are very  satisfied. In kinology, I also want to be active as a judge, a specialist for the breed Rottweiler. I was the head of Slovenian national team at IFR IPO World Championship in the Netherlands and Denmark for the last two years. The next World Championships I hope to attend as a competitor with a dog from my kennel.

The kennel ” from PRIMO’S IMPERIUM ” was declared as the best RW kennel at KS ADRK in Germany in 2018. That is the wish of every breeder, but only a few kennels outside of Germany reach it. I am so proud, because I reached that after only 5 years of my own breeding. Such achievements show that my plans in breeding are on the right way. I will tell everyone, if you work on a right way all can be accomplished. Keep your goals and insist, nothing is impossible.

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