About Primo's Imperium kennel

My name is Aleš Lahajnar and I come from Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Since my childhood I always wanted a Rottweiler dog, however, the circumstances did not allow me to have one.

After years of searching, waiting and disappointment with the breeders I’ve met Mladen and Petra from Vom Hause Edelstein kennel in Croatia. They showed me the way into a wonderful world of Rottweiler dogs. They showed me their dogs, how to work with them at home and in the shows, which finally enthused me. I put all the credit for my first Rottweiler Primo to them!

Primo was born on 15th September 2007 in the Vom Hause Edelstein kennel. Due to his appearance he already as a puppy stood out. He was the biggest and strongest puppy far and wide.When I saw him for the first time I knew immediately that he is the dog I’ve always wanted to have. Finally the long-expected time has come when I welcomed Primo to his new home in Ljubljana.

In less than 4 years he became the most known Rottweiler in the world. He has ADRK BH and ZTP exams and he got permission to breed with ADRK females!!! He is the first dog in history of ADRK without ADRK ancestors in last 3 generations!That is why I decided to open a kennel named “from PRIMO’S IMPERIUM”

My aim is to breed dogs who will be successful in shows and as working dogs!!!

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